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Fine herbs, spices, mustards and essences from Australia.

100% Natural Mustards, Essences, Herbs & Spices

No MSG, No GM Crops, No Preservatives, No Artificial Colour or Flavourings.

Whittingtons have been blending fine herbs & spices in Perth, Western Australia since 1975.

About Us

Over 100 different products from Basil Leaves to Oregano,  Juniper Berries to Rosemary.

Vanilla Extract to Almond Essence, Flaming Chilli Mustard to Dijon, Cranberries to Truffle Salt. They all enhance and add flavour to your  food experience.

Range of Products

We are a local Western  Australian owned company that takes pride in supplying customers with one of the broadest ranges of herbs, spices, essences, salt and mustards.

Whittingtons brands are available at most independent supermarkets, fine food stores or visit us in Osborne Park, just four kms north of the City of Perth.

Australian Owned

Whittingtons can perform.

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Product of the month

Chipotle Chilli, Kaffir Lime Leaves, Chilli Birdseye

Truffle Salt

Chipotle Chilli

Chipotle peppers are red jalapenos that have been smoked so they’re not only spicy, they have a deep, rich and smoky flavour. Our chipotle chilli powder will add a big flavor with the smallest of sprinkles. This spice is a superb addition to chilli con carne, tacos, quesadillas and other Mexican dishes. But that’s not all. Why not try to add a little pinch of chipotle to your soup, hummus or a slice of pizza.

Kaffir Lime Leaves

The Kaffir Lime Leaf is a key ingredient in Thai cooking as well as other Southeast-Asian cuisines. They are highly aromatic and add their own elegant flavour to stir-fry, curry, salad and fish cake dishes. Some examples are, Thai curry dishes and soups, such as Tom Yum, Thai fish cake or Asian Bouquet Garni. You can make up this Bouquet Garni with Kaffir Lime Leaves, lemongrass and ginger to your flavour stock.

Chilli Birdseye

Birdseye Chilli is fabulous when used in marinades or sauces that are to be accompanied by fish or chicken. You can also use it to spice up dips, soups, pasta, or sauces.

Herbs and Spices

  • Our herbs and spices come in glass jars that have an opening to let you measure out in teaspoon quantities without wastage.
  • Our jars are hermetically sealed to hold in flavour and freshness.
  • Wherever possible we buy from local growers. Salt from Lake Deborah, Coriander from Dongara,  Mustard Seeds from Moora, some Oregano from Narrogin, Truffles from Manjimup.
  • If we can't get it locally or it cannot be grown in Australia, we import only the best quality pure spices unadulterated.  For example, our imported oregano is only oregano and not mixed with olive leaves, out turmeric has high concentrations of curcumin and is not mixed with rice flour.
  • If you need to buy in larger quantities all our herbs and spices come in canisters that hold up to five times the jar quantity and represent good value for money if you need large quantities to cook for a big party.
  • Buy Local; Buy Natural; Buy Whittingtons

We use the best vanilla beans from Madagascar and Papua New Guinea, to make this 100% Natural Vanilla Extract, based on the alcohol extraction method, much better than sugar based methods.  Our vanilla does not crystallise when heated.  The alcohol evaporates leaving a full vanilla flavour behind. A must for the enthusiastic baker who loves making cakes.

Natural Vanilla Extract

The same method of extraction is used for all our essences.  We preserve with alcohol.

Natural Vanilla Essence


Use this essence to make great rum balls, add flavour to drinks and enhance ice cream.

Natural Rum Essence

A very intense lemon flavour makes this essence perfect for lemon cheesecake, lemon glazed icing and your own limoncello after dinner digestif.

Natural Lemon Essence

This rich  natural flavour is  perfect for adding a touch of orange  to cakes, cookies, chocolate and cocktails and cooking.

Natural Orange Essence


  • Our black mustard seeds are  grown north of Moora on  Phil Gardiner's  Edale Farm. The yellow mustard seeds are grown on John Minty's Kolburn Farm on the Dandaragan Moora road.
  • We preserve our mustards with wine from Galfreys winery at Mount Barker in the Great Southern region of Western Australia.
  • Our mustards are made in Perth and are a great accompaniment to any meat dish.
  • For a fantastic salad dressing just throw of few dobs of mustard in a jar, add some olive oil and shake for your own personal unique salad dressing.

Where to find us

Our head office is located at 78A Collingwood Street Osborne Park. Office hours are Monday to Friday 8.30am to 4.30pm. 

You can buy our products at most IGA's, Foodworks, Farmer Jacks, Fruit Shops and Gourmet Food Outlets in Western Australia.

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